Making Industrial Processes More Cost Efficient


Since when is non- linear modelling applied in industry for process maximisation?
Non-linear modelling has been used prominently since 1996 in industry.
In how many industries this technology has been used?
It has been used in more than ten different kinds of industries. This technology as such can be used in any process industry.
How much improvement has been recorded so far in these industries?
The improvement in some cases are significand and in some cases marginal which depends on external variables and process efficiency.
Is there a standard solution for one type of industry?
No. The solutions are tailor made for every plant irrespective of being the same industry as operating conditions are different.
What if I have the latest technology machinery? Is processMax+ still required?
processMax+ maximises selection of the external environment parameters and integrates with process automation. Hence irrespective of process automation, processMax+ can give tangible benefits. You can always derive more mileage out of your old or new equipment by tuning the process better.
What is the ROI?
It depends on process complexity and the time required to develop the non- linear model and application software.
What is the investment required for processMax+ development and application?
processMax + is a tailor made application. Hence there is no standard development and application formula for the cost. However, as competition is becoming intense worldwide, it is the most efficient processes that will sustain in the longer run. processMax+ will provide for best of the combination of efficiency, productivity, quality and/or energy so that an industry can have the leading edge for years to come.